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Nicole T.

Williamsburg, VA


I saw Brandi today and she was just amazing. A beautiful  person with awesome conversation to go with it. My hands and feet feel so soft...she took her time and made me feel like a queen.


Nicole T.

Drew B.

Yorktown, VA


My wife got me a pedicure here as a gift. I felt sorry for Brandi as she had to work on my Hobbit feet.  After spending a career in the Army wearing boots, my feet are rough....to say the least....

However, Brandi took on the job with a smile and was kind, easygoing, and super professional. She had a wealth of great tips on inexpensive ways for me to take care of my feet, now that they looked almost human.


Put simply, Brandi is amazing. She worked on my sasquatch-looking feet and I walked out of there relaxed, ready to wear sandals in public once again without the fear of getting cited for public indecency. I joke, but my feet feel so much better.  She put me at ease and the entire experience was awesome. Absolutely worthwhile.

Melinda B.

Yorktown, VA


I bought the Groupon for a haircut, condition and style.  It was reasonably priced, so I thought I'd give it a try.  Brandi Jackson at the Hair Clipper worked a miracle on my sun and pool damaged hair.  She took her time, and I walked out of there with soft, beautiful hair.  I will definitely be going back to Brandi.